Website Help

We are still editing the website, so there are bound to be mistakes or glitches in the system. We apologize about any confusion this may cause. The officer team is working hard on fixing them! 

There are a few issues listed below to ensure that everyone is recieving the same information. 

  • There are two way to donate: depositing directly into the account, or clicking on the "Donate Now" page to the left. Depositing into the account means that you will be "refunded" if you drop a tournament. (This is one of the bugs we are working on). This money is only refunded to your account, the money is not actually refunded. We are a non-profit, thus all donations go towards the club as a whole -- not necessarily you or your child's competitions and/or coaching. 
  • If an entry cannot provide a judge, DO NOT include the judge's name in the "Judge Name" slot (Put "Cannot Judge"). Please provide the parent email as we send out important information on tournament logistics. Keep in mind, if we do not get enough judges to send everyone to a tournament, NO ONE will go. 
  • Please go to the "Contact EVSD" sheet to ask the officers any questions. Please give us up to 48 hours to reply.