Chaperoning Clearance

At every tournament we attend, we need at least one district hired employee, and another district approved chaperone for every 12 students who attend on campus at all times. The more parents who are cleared and can chaperone tournaments, the more students we are allowed to send to a tournament to compete. Therefore, we are asking parents to volunteer to get district clearance to chaperone to allow us to attend.

While we understand the process of clearance is long, it is necessary to ensure our students' safety at every tournament. We must prioritize their safety above all else.

The process:

1. Undergo a TB Test by your medical provider.

2. Fill out a District Volunteer form and submit it to the EVHS School Office.

3. With your school-approved volunteer form, schedule a fingerprinting appointment with the ESUHSD District office.

4. Email us at [email protected] so that we can add you to our chaperoning database.