Waitlist Procedures

Waitlist Procedures

Large tournaments typically get a massive overflow of entries. When this happens, the tournament directors make a decision to close off the number of teams that each school can send until they sort out their own administrative duties. Once the capacity issue is solved by the people running the tournament they typically allow for more people from each school go as well. While we wait for the directors to allow more teams in, the waitlist procedure follows a priority based off of 4 factors.

1. Whether the student or team participating has a parent or guardian judging

2. How often they attend practice

3. The grade the student is in

4. Their overall presence at tournaments

Some speech and debate events at Evergreen may have waitlist ladders which decide which teams rank where which serves as their waitlist priority. 

There are two types of status: Confirmed and Waitlisted, while you wait to be accepted your status will say waitlisted and once you are set to compete in the tournament the status will say Confirmed. You will find this on tabroom.com, having logged in and clicking on your email in the top right of the screen.