Registering on the Website

Registering for Tournaments through the Website

Step 1: Log into your account!

Step 2: From here, look to your menu bar. Under Your Account, you should be able to see Register for Tournaments. 

Step 3: You should now see a page that has Current Tournaments and Tournament History on it. Under the Current Tournaments section, find a tournament you’d like to register for. Click the blue “Register” button on the right side.

Step 4: This will lead you to a registration page that looks like this! Confirm that you are registering for the correct tournament by looking at the tournament name at the top of the page.

Step 5: Once you have confirmed that you are looking at the correct tournament, click on “Choose Event” under Event, and pick one to register for. The events above are not representative of the full selection we offer. To find that, you can go to the events section on our website. 

Step 6: If the event you selected is a solo event, simply fill out a judge name, email, and phone number. Judges must be 18+ and fluent in English. We highly encourage parent involvement! If the event you selected was a partner event, you will get an option to choose a partner. Here, you can select any registered member from the dropdown menu. Then, fill out judge information.

Step 7: Check the box at the very bottom. This verifies that both the student and the parent have read over the registration, as well as Evergreen Valley Speech and Debate policies, and agree to follow them.

Step 8: Lastly, click on “Register for this tournament.”