Within the team, there are different events offered, each that accentuate a different skill needed in both the public speaking atmosphere and in the professional world.

No matter what event one enters, EVSD holds records in every single one of them. Every event has the resources, the officers, and the drive to ensure that the people who join it become better speakers and more ready to enter the real world with the confidence and prowess they need to succeed.


Speech is the art of public speaking. Poise, confidence, and eloquence are essential skills that shape our lives and our position in the world. Being able to speak in public is not simply an act of memorization and recitation, but rather becomes a journey of character and confidence.

EVSD boasts one of the top speech teams in the state and nation, with competitors qualifying to several championship competitions such as the National Tournament of Champions and State Championships.

Speech is split into three categories: Platform, Interpretation and Spontaneous. Each one of these highlight an aspect of public speaking that is essential in different sects of the world.


Original speeches (written by the speaker) given in a traditional manner. (8-10 minutes)

  • Original Oratory (OO): An original speech written by the student about a relevant issue in society, highlighting the problem, the effects, and most importantly, a solution.

  • Original Advocacy (OA): An original speech written by the speaker about a relevent topic concerning governmental policies, with the solution focusing on legislation.



Speeches adapted from an external source, presented by the speaker with their own flair. (8-10 minutes)


Speeches delivered with limited preperation.

  • Impromptu (IMP): A 5-minute speech about a randomly assigned topic, either a quote, current events, abstract concept, or concrete object, delivered after two minutes of preparation.