Tournament Checklist

Student Attire: Business Formal

Possible Tops: blazer, solid colored dress, buttoned shirt, blouse, ties/bowtie

Possible Bottoms: Pencil skirt, pant suit, formal trousers 

Possible Shoes: closed toe heels or flats, dress shoes, BLACK socks

DO NOT WEAR: dangly jewelery, open toe heels, brightly colored socks, or sneakers. See examples below.

ALWAYS WEAR: blazer — it is essential to business formal clothing.

Places to buy business formal clothing: H&M, Macy's, Forever 21 (feminine business formal), Banana Republic

This attire is highly recommended and is expected by a students' competitors and judges while they are competing. However, it is not mandatory to join the club or to compete.

Recommended Checklist:

  1. Debate: Flow paper (blank paper), cases
  2. Speech: Blank notecards (to write topic/title on), scripts/speeches
  3. Pens
  4. Laptop and phone
    • Chargers
  5. Plenty of food and water
  6. $20-$30 for food, or a bag lunch
  7. A change of shoes and a jacket
  8. Hygenic Products: deoderant, perfume/cologne, etc. (it's a long day and blazers tend to make you sweat!)

Judging Information:

  1. Judge attire is casual, a judge may wear what the wish to a tournament.
  2. It is advised to bring a notebook/paper with 2 different colored pens.
  3. Plenty of food & water (food & drink is usually provided for free for the judges, but it's good to have backup!).