We hope you are all enjoying the week back from winter break!

We are sending out our February newsletter a bit early to announce of a few events happening this week:
- We are hosting a fundraiser at Curry Pizza House this week on Thursday from 2-7pm. Please tell the cashier you are there for the EV Speech & Debate event, otherwise we won't get the money!
- We are also hosting our FIRST EVER spirit day this Friday! In honor of National Speech & Debate Day, please come to school in a tie and come down to the valley for a few empowering speak up activities.

Now, before going onto our incredible success in February, we would like to mention that this month has been a serious drain on our funds. The expenses for the past three tournaments are attached here: https://evsd.club/pages/tourn-expenses. While we organize a myriad of fundraisers, please also donate to ensure that we can keep our coaches and begin to look for more, as well as attend all planned tournaments!

Varsity Impromptu:
Ayah Abushama — Quarterfinalist (after learning how to do impromptu in a week, Ayah broke all the way to quarterfinals!)
JV Lincoln Douglas
: Chris Pantaleon— Octafinalist
JV Public Forum
Adrian Rozario & Daleep Pannu: Octafinalists

Ankit Kapoor & Nemerjit Singh: Octafinalists
Varsity Public Forum

Helen Feng and Varun Sunkavalli: Going 4-2 and barely missing the break

Varsity Impromptu:
Ayah Abushama: Semifinalist
JV Parli
Sneha Revanur and Kaaya Sharma: Semifinalists 

Tejas Prabhune and Anish Thalamati: Octafinalists

Guneet Behar and Betty Huynh: Double Octafinalists 

Paula Escobar and Dhyuti Gowda: Double Octafinalists

Tiarra Wu and Priya Iyer: Double Octafinalists
Varsity Parli
Jenna Bao and Winnie Dong: Semifinalists

Esha Dadbhawala and Nidhir Guggilla: Octofinalists (shoutout to them for being great teammates even when faced with a walkover!)

Rahul Sharma and Jash Parekh: Triples
JV Public Forum

Adrian Rozario and Daleep Pannu: for Going 3-2 and almost making the break

Varun Ganesan and Akshay Ramanathan: for Going 3-2 and almost making the break
Varsity Public Forum:

Abhi Vempati and Joshua Qin: Going 3-3 and almost making the break

Aaryan Shukla and Shray Kudva: Going 3-3 and almost making the break

To see photos from these tournaments and the whole year, see our album: https://evsd.club/pages/album!

Congratulations to our new administrative team for the 2019-2020 school year!
Co-Presidents: Esha Dadbhawala & Winnie Dong
Vice President: Yashika Batra
Secretary: Sahana Noru
Treasurer: Stella He
Public Relations: Steven Luo
While this administrative team is beyond amazing, we need more than them to sustain this club next year! We will be releasing event captain and administrative assistant applications shortly.

- We are now ONLY accepting requests to change an entry through https://evsd.club/pages/contact-evsd
- You can now have access to our live budget/tournament expenses sheet at: https://evsd.club/pages/tourn-expenses
- If you have any feedback as to how we can better this club for both this year and next year, you can anonymously tell us through: https://evsd.club/pages/feedback
- We need judges for SCU Spring! If you can judge, please tell us through https://evsd.club/pages/contact-evsd

As for tournaments, this year is coming to a close! We have state qualifiers this upcoming weekend, and SCU Spring at the end of March. Please be on the lookout for more fundraisers, and begin to look forward to our end-of-year social, and the Awards Night!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us through https://evsd.club/pages/contact-evsd.