Summer Camp Teachers

Meet our Summer Camp Team

Beginner Level

Our Beginner Level Courses will be taught by EV Speech and Debate's 2020-2021 officers, as well as member volunteers. All teachers are nationally ranked competitors in their respective Speech and Debate events. They have all advanced to elimination rounds at various prestigious tournaments, like the National Stanford Invitational, the Cal Invitational at UC Berkeley, Coastal Forensic League tournaments, and California's State Qualifiers. Several have also qualified to the National Tournament of Champions, as well as California State Tournaments. You can find more information about our officer team under the "Welcome to EVSD" tab on our menu!


Advanced Level

Our Advanced Level Courses will be taught by EV Speech and Debate's alumni, from the classes of 2019 and 2020. All our teachers have extensive experience both competing and teaching Speech and Debate. All held a captains position in EV Speech and Debate, some were our past Presidents, and some even continue to teach Speech and Debate to students today! You can read more about their accomplishments below:



Ayah A. 

Speech: Original Oratory 


Aneeka Aligireddy

Speech: Interpretation

Ayah A. graduated from EVHS in 2019, she now attends UC Berkeley as an intended double major in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. At Evergreen, she was president of EVSD and competed in Original Oratory and Impromptu. She was a semifinalist in OO State Championships her sophomore year, and qualified to NIETOC and TOC UK. She volunteers as a speech coach with several associations in the East Bay.

Throughout my high school experience, I learned that speech not only allows you to break away from your fears, but also teaches you about the key factors in public speaking. While pursuing the event of interpretation, I realized that anyone can present a speech or script, but the real message is only sent through your actions. Body language, voice projection, hand motions, and emotions are only a few of the skills needed to present confidence in a speech. As I leave EV in pursuit of another journey in college, I hope to inspire the new generation of children to find their voices and convey their thoughts without any hesitation, whether it be at tournaments or in the modern world.

  • Santa Clara University Invitational 2017 (Final Rank- #6)
  • CFL Speech 2 Evergreen Valley 2019 - Finalist (Final Rank- #6) 

  • Stephen Stewart Invitational at Milpitas 2019- Finalist (Final Rank- #3)
  • Head Speech Captain of the EVHS Speech Team for the past two years
  • Currently a speech coach at Vrisa Speech Academy



Esha D.

Parliamentary Debate



Abhi V.

Public Forum Debate

Esha Dadbhawala has been competing in Parliamentary Debate for 4 years, and coaching for nearly 3. She finished the 2019 season ranked 4th in the nation and quarterfinaled at the National Parliamentary Debate League Tournament of Champions. Her student have also been very successful, breaking to elimination rounds at prestigious national tournaments such as the Santa Clara University Invitational, Vikings Invitational, Stephen Stewart Invitational and more. She is excited to continue this work at the EV Summer Camp.   Hi everyone! My name is Abhinav (Abhi) and I was the captain of EVSD’s public forum team during my sophomore and junior years of high school. During my 4 years of competition, my partner and I reached elimination rounds at the Santa Clara University, UC Berkeley, and Stanford University invitationals. Learning PF during high school has helped me hone my research and communication skills, which has helped me tremendously with my current studies as a pre-medical student at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In this way, through the advanced camp, students will be introduced to each skill and will practice them in simulated debate rounds. I’m very excited to be teaching this summer – welcome to the EVPF family!



 Andrew Zhong

Lincoln Douglas Debate

 Hey everyone. My name is Andrew and I've been doing LD Debate for 6 years and have been the LD captain for the past two years. Over my debate career, I've broken in multiple tournaments, such as SCU, and I've taught multiple kids who've broken in many tournaments as well. I've learned a lot in my years doing debate but the main way debate has helped me is just through the skills it taught me and how to apply them in other areas of life, not just in rounds. That's what I will be aiming to teach students in this summer camp: not only just Lincoln-Douglas skills, but also general debating skills that they can apply to anywhere in life.