We hope you have had a lovely holiday break thus far. We would like to update everyone on the month of December and the upcoming events next semester, including our new officers! Before we get into that, however, we would like to mention that all pending accounts that have not turned in correct forms by New Years day will be suspended so that they do not receive the mass emails. If you have any questions, please turn them in through the contact sheet (

December was a very successful month as we attended SCU, one of the largest tournaments of the year. Many of our competitors in both speech and debate made it to elimination rounds and placed in the top of their categories.

Special Congratulations to:


Novice Duo Interpretation

Srivibha Yellamraju and Riya Prabhakar:4th place

Priya Iyer and Tiarra Wu: 5th Place

Srinidhi Kumar and Khushboo Teotia: Semifinalists

Novice Humorous Interpretation

Derek Thach: Semifinalist

Novice Orgininal Oratory

Anika Iyengar: Semifinalist


Varsity Lincoln Douglas

Shehbaz Virk: Double Octafinalist

Andrew Zhong: Double Octafinalist

Varsity Parliamentary Debate

Edward Frazer and Suhas Kotha: Octafinalists

Jenna Bao and Winnie Dong: Double Octafinalists

Novice Public Forum

Aaryan Shukla and Shray Kudva: 2nd Place

Daleep Pannu and Adrian Rozario: Quarterfinalists

Aadit Agrahara and Amogh Jani: Octafinalists

Ankit Kapoor and Neymar Singh: Double Octafinalists

Varun Ganesan and Akshay Ramanathan: Double Octafinalists

Daleep Pannu: 2nd speaker

Adrian Rozario: 8th speaker

Novice Parliamentary Debate

Anish Thalamati and Tejas Prabhune: Octafinalists

Ayan Mani and Karan Shah: Double Octafinalists


We would also like to specify that if you are selected to be a judge, we ask you to please commit to your full judging obligation. If there is an emergency and you have to leave, please contact an EVSD officer first instead of the tournament directors so we can sort out the judging situation. On another note, thank you to all the parents who took time out of their weekends to help judge their round, especially to those who fulfilled their judging requirements for the tournament. It was overall a huge success and we could not have been prouder of the results.

Secondly, in order to improve Public Forum debate, we have interviewed prospective candidates for Public Forum captaincy. Congratulations to our new Public Forum captains:

Shreeya Kar (Head Captain)

Shray Kudva (Administrative Captain)

Steven Luo

Aaryan Shukla


They will be the newest additions to our officer team, and we trust that they will work hard to advance our Public Forum team for next year! We are also currently interviewing for a new public forum coach.

Winterfest was a huge success for our club, and we sold out an hour before the event ended and made around a thousand dollars for the club. Thank you to all those who came out to support the club during Winterfest. We plan on using the funds to pay for coaching we previously could not afford.

We would also like to update you on what will be happening next semester. First and foremost, we are planning to host our very first Speech and Debate Showcase on January 11th. The Showcase will serve as a fundraising event in which EVSD members are able to perform for the school and for the parents to show their hard work this first semester. Tryouts for the showcase will occur during winter break, so please encourage your child to participate and gain more experience by performing a speech piece or a debate. Please keep an eye out for tryout announcements during winter break. We will also continue to hold restaurant fundraisers monthly next semester to continue our fundraising endeavors. Let us know by emailing [email protected] if you have any suggestions for fundraising events or anything else you would like to see our team doing. It is your support that keeps our officer team motivated in everything we do for our club.

Next semester we are planning on attending four main tournaments: Stanford, Cal Invitational, State Qualifiers (for Speech and Parliamentary Debate at Leland), and SCU Spring. If your child is interested in attending any of these tournaments, please register through the website. The registration deadline for Stanford and Cal is 12/31, the deadline for State Qualifiers is 1/31, and the deadline for SCU Spring is 2/15. Please register only if you know you can attend before the deadline. EVSD will also be hosting its very own invitational in January; more information about this tournament will be sent out soon.

Finally, the EVSD website ( has been updated. You can now submit forms through the form submission when your child signs up for an account. We will only accept form submissions through the contact sheet if your child has already made an account. Accounts with proper forms will only be approved at the end of the month that your child registered in. Accounts with improper or incomplete forms will not be approved. The website also has a new photo album page ( that includes a compilation of this years' memories and pictures of our members at competitions. Finally, all issues with tournament registration, partner acceptance, and tournament drops on the website should be resolved. The primary issue of the website — time zone — has also been resolved.

It has been a very successful first semester of Speech and Debate, and we hope that this sentiment will continue into next year. Our officer team could not be prouder of our members and of our first semester achievements. We hope you have a great holiday break and a happy New Year, and we are looking forward to a successful second semester!