Stephan Stewart Invitational Update:
As you may all know, this past weekend was the Stephen Stewart Invitational. EV was immensely successful at this tournament: we had several speech and debate teams who qualified to the elimination rounds. This was also the first tournament in years in which there were no problems with judging-- every parent judge came to their rounds on time. We want to thank all parents who were involved in Stephen Stewart and who helped make it a huge success. We also want to extend a huge thank you to each and every person who donated this past week to send the students to this tournament.  

Parent Chaperones:
In order to send your children to more tournaments, we are looking for parent chaperones. The district requires that we have a parent chaperone for every twelve students attending. So far we only have a few district cleared parents and we will need more in order to send the students to future tournaments. The instructions to becoming a district cleared parent chaperone are on the EVSD website, IPACE will reimburse parents for the costs of the parent chaperone clearance process. IPACE reimburses all expenses up $100.

Stephen Stewart is just one of the many tournaments being held this year and in order to maintain sufficient funds to continue running the club, we are continuing to accept the tax-deductible $250 donations. Donations can be made on the website at

Upcoming Tournaments:
All tournament signups will now be done through the website. Please tell your children to check the website to signup for tournaments; please ensure that the specific tournament instructions and notes are read carefully. The important upcoming tournaments to watch out for are the National Parliamentary Debate Invitational (for parliamentary debate only) and the Santa Clara Dempsey Cronin Invitational (for all events); registration will soon open on the website.

Please note that if your child wants to attend the tournament, you are obligated to provide at least one judge per pair of students; if any conflicts arise, please notify us about your time frame and commitment. We also ask for a donation in addition to the $250 to allow is to compete in upcoming tournaments and pay our coaches.

From now on, all our practices will be announced through the calendar on the website ( You can also find all of our planned tournaments and events on the calendar. To be notified of every date and practice, we recommend adding the calendar to your cell phone or computer. The google link can be found here: .

Website help/registration forms:
It is evident that we hit a rough patch with our form packets. We understand that there were issues turning them in through the website. This was the first year we deployed the website, so we apologize about the inconveniences! The deadline to turn in forms was 9/27, so from now on we will be checking forms at the end of each month on the EVSD Website Contact Sheet. Until the forms are approved (which will be notified as approval through the website) that student cannot attend the tournament.