We would like to provide an update on the progress of Speech & Debate during the month of October. Please read through the entire newsletter as it contains several important announcements.

Cal Parli Invitational Update:
The first weekend of October was the Cal Parli Invitational and EV was immensely successful at this tournament! We had teams who qualified to the elimination rounds and several competitors who won top speaker awards. With that, we are very proud to announce that EV is currently #1 in the nation! We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our competitors for their hard work as well as to each and every person who donated in order to send our students to this tournament.

Special Acknowledgements to:
Nidhir Guggilla and Esha Dadbhawala: Semifinalists
Edward Frazer and Suhas Kotha: Octofinalists
Nikhita Arun and Sahana Noru: Octofinalists
Yashika Batra and Karan Chahal: Double-Octofinalists
Speaker Awards:
Edward Frazer: 5th speaker
Esha Dadbhawala: 6th speaker
Sahana Noru: 7th speaker

Parent Chaperones:
In order to send your children to more tournaments, we need parent chaperones! The district requires that we have one parent chaperone for every twelve students attending. So far we only have a few district-cleared parents and we will have to cut back on our tournaments if more parents do not get involved. The instructions for becoming a district cleared parent chaperone are on the EVSD website at https://evsd.club/pages/chaperoning%20Clearance. IPACE will reimburse parents for the expenses of the chaperone clearance process up to $100. Please submit all forms before Thanksgiving break so they can get processed in time and don't hesitate to email any questions to [email protected] and [email protected]. Chaperoning can be done concurrently with judging and is an easy and engaging way to support our club!

Non-School Sanctioned Tournament Entries:
When competing independently of EVHS, such as through private academies, please understand that the school is in no way involved and will not sign off on these tournament entries. Although we cannot legally prevent you from attending private academies, please note that the school will not sign off on any waivers that allow you to compete independently and we do not want any rogue members attending tournaments without school endorsement or support. This is a policy that comes from the district and will not be changed. If you have any questions about this policy, please use the Contact EVSD page on the website to submit them. Please make sure raise any issues with the student officers first and then our advisors, Mr. Nguyen and Mr. Ebert, as going directly to the school administrators is less efficient and is not the appropriate chain of escalation.

Thank you to everyone who attended our fundraiser last Friday at Sophie's Grill! We hope to keep up this progress and need your continued support to maintain sufficient funds. We are continuing to accept the tax-deductible $250 donations and encourage additional monthly donations. Donations can be made on the website at https://evsd.club/pages/donate. If you are unable to donate directly to EVSD, please be on the lookout for future fundraisers and encourage people around you to support our club!